History of St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church

Founded by the late Reverend Columbus Teasley this church was established in the home of Mrs. Annie Smith Thompson in March of 1946. The R. E Goodwin Family donated land for the first building, which was called Slab Baptist Church. The name was adopted because of the thin red slab wood from trains that covered the roof of the church.

The first pastor was Rev. Thomas Hughes and Deacon Lee Webb, served as Superintendent of the Sunday School.

Over the years Slab Baptist Church continued to grow and be blessed under the leadership and guidance of several ministers. Some would cause splits and rifts in the church while others would help the church grow. Several changes in the ministries of the church have been experienced and a new name given. In the year 1953, Slab Baptist Church became Goodwin Line Baptist Church and later in April 1954, the name changed again to St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church (SPMBC). As time passed the church not only began to grow but outgrew its location.

Reverend Walter R. Belton was installed as the Pastor of SPMBC on October 14, 2004, and preached his first official sermon as Pastor. He has always proven himself "a man called by God."

No immediate changes to or in the church were made. Instead, this wise "man of God" focused on helping his church become the whole, healthy, holy, and faithful congregation it was destined to be. SPMBC is a place where God is and always will be first and foremost, where those in attendance can worship with joy in their hearts and souls. Under Rev. Belton's leadership all previous ministries have been restored and several new ministries have been added.

From a membership of 25 the church has grown to 900 members under his leadership. The church motto "Reaching Them, Changing Them" was visionary and inspired by God. For it touched the hearts and souls of those within the church and reached out to those in our communities.

St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church has stood steadfast through many changes over the years and is aware of the many dangerous toils and snares overcome. But "grace brought us this far and grace will lead us home." The anchor (God) still holds, he who has begun a good work in you shall continue until Jesus come.