Couples Ministry

This ministry is designed to assist married and seriously engaged couples in how to enrich their relationship by learning and applying God principles for marriage and life.

Children's Ministry

Pastor's Aide Ministry

Sis. Shirley Coleman, President
To assist the pastor throughout the year with needs associated with the church.

Usher Ministry (Culinary Ministry)

Sis. Doris Lynch, President
To be the door keepers in God's House, to greet everyone who walks through St. Paul's doors so that they feel welcomed.

Music and Art's Ministry

Media Ministry

The Media Ministry is the voice of St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church. The Media Ministry ensure that information about activities and events are communicated to the public and community. The purpose of the Media Ministry is to carry the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our visually-driven-every changing world through the use of technology and media. This ministry ensure that the website is updated and checked for accuracy and timelines. Designs flyers, brochures, posters and other handout for local and community focused events.

Health Ministry

To help people achieve optimal health by teaching simple and inspired health principles.


Sis. Darlene Dickson, Director
To provide religious reading materials, seasonal religious supplies, and church promotions for fundraising.

Development Ministry

Sis. Saville Williams and Darlene Dickson, Chair and Co Chair
The development ministry was established in 2008 to provide administrative, organizational, fiscal, and networking support to St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church.

Brotherhood Ministry)

Bro. Dennis Allen, President
The purpose is to allow men to unite and worship as one.

Senior Ministry (Bus Minisitry)

Trustee Freddie Burnside, Chairman
The Senior Ministry meets the needs of the people through the wisdom God has blessed us with. OUr ministry gives you an opportunity to be who you really are with Jesus as your guide.

Silent Worshipers Mime Team

Sis. Kimberly D. Jennings, President
"Reaching and Changing them through Silent Worship and Praise."

VIP (Valued, Inspired, Purpose) Singles Ministry

President TBD
This ministry is designed to equip single individuals to develop who they are in Christ during their season of singleness.

Grief & Recovery Ministry

President TBD
This ministry is designed to assist individuals in the process of healing with the aid of the Holy Spirit. This ministry covers any significant loss that an individual may have experienced.

Women's Ministry (St. Paul Community Park Project)

President TBD
To discuss Women's issues through biblical study and fellowship.

New Member's Class

Dea. Isaac Dickson, Ministry Leader/Teacher
To equip new members with biblical knowledge, general information about St. Paul as a ministry, and for fellowship with other new members.

Special Activities Ministry

Onetha Jennings, Leader
This ministry is being developed to help the needs of the people in the church and the community.